Synallagmatic Contracts Examples

Synallagmatic contracts, also known as bilateral contracts, are agreements between two parties where each party is obligated to provide something to the other. These contracts are commonly seen in business transactions, real estate deals, and employment agreements. In this article, we will explore some synallagmatic contracts examples to better understand how they work.

Real Estate Examples

When buying or selling a property, a synallagmatic contract is often used. The seller agrees to transfer ownership of the property to the buyer, while the buyer agrees to pay the agreed-upon purchase price. Both parties have obligations to fulfill, and the contract is only fulfilled once both parties have completed their duties.

Employment Examples

Employment contracts are another common example of synallagmatic contracts. The employer agrees to pay the employee for their services, while the employee agrees to perform the tasks required of them. Both parties have obligations in this contract, and the contract is fulfilled once the employee has completed their work and the employer has paid the agreed-upon wages.

Business Examples

In business, synallagmatic contracts are often used in partnerships and joint ventures. Each party agrees to contribute something to the venture, whether it be capital, resources, or expertise. The contract is fulfilled once both parties have fulfilled their obligations and the business venture has reached its goal.

Insurance Examples

Insurance policies are also examples of synallagmatic contracts. The insurance company agrees to provide coverage to the policyholder for the specified risks, while the policyholder agrees to pay the agreed-upon premium. Both parties have obligations in this contract, and the contract is fulfilled once the policyholder has paid the premiums and the insurance company has provided coverage.


Synallagmatic contracts are commonly used in various industries and transactions. They are an important tool for ensuring that each party in a transaction fulfills their obligations. By understanding the different examples of synallagmatic contracts, individuals can better understand how these contracts work and their importance in business and everyday life.

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